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Power Grounding & Quality

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This Power Grounding and Quality course will provide the student with the knowledge and skills that will help in troubleshooting power quality problems, determine the current state of an electrical grounding system, and predict when failures are about to happen. An in- depth review of power system grounding fundamentals as well as a review of common power quality problems will be discussed in detail. Waveforms from power quality meters will be analyzed for distortions. Additionally potential corrective actions for power quality issues will be discussed.

Power Grounding

  • Review of Power Basics
  • Power System Measurements
  • Low Voltage Power Systems
  • Power System Grounding
  • Earthing vs. Grounding
  • Connection to Earth
  • Equipment Grounding
  • Code Requirements
  • Building Power Distribution
  • Feeders and Branch Circuits
  • Separately Derived Systems

Power Quality

  • Definition and Illustration


  • Transient and Steady-State
  • Voltage Sags and Swells
  • Transient Overvoltage: Low and High Frequency Transients
  • Total Harmonics Distortion
  • Flicker/ High Frequency Noise
  • Mains Signaling/Unbalance

Sources of Distortion

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Battery Chargers
  • Fluorescent or Gaseous
  • Discharge Lighting

Effects of Distortion

  • I2R Loss
  • Instrumentation and Capacitor
  • Failures
  • Reactive Resonance
  • Triplen Current

Mitigating Distortion

  • Harmonic/Noise Filters
  • Effective Grounding Techniques
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Saturable Reactors/Isolation
  • Transformers
  • AC inverters/MG Sets/UPS