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Basic Electricity I

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Understanding basic electrical theory will significantly reduce the time and cost for maintenance and repair of power distribution and support equipment. This class provides an in depth discussion on the basics of electricity. Beginning with the building blocks of all materials, the class will quickly move towards AC and DC circuit analysis. The class will also include discussions on motors, generators, and other power equipment, solid state equipment, and an overall view of a typical building power distribution system. Included, also, will be a conversation about the relationship of all equipment in the distribution system and the effects that small changes may have on its entirety.

Electrical Fundamentals

  • Basic Atomic Theory
  • Electrical Units of Measurement Ohm’s Law
  • Kirchoff’s Laws
  • Power Equations
  • Uses of Real Power
  • Uses of Reactive Power
  • Power Losses Due to Heat Equipment Grounding
  • Grounded vs. Ungrounded Systems

DC Circuit Analysis

  • Common Symbols
  • Component Construction
  • Circuit Calculations
  • Series Circuit Analysis
  • Parallel Circuit Analysis
  • Total Resistance Calculations Inductor Construction
  • Uses of Inductors
  • Capacitor Construction
  • Uses of a Capacitor
  • Circuits with Reactive Components

AC Circuit Analysis

  • Discussion on Frequency
  • Peak vs. RMS
  • Reactive Components and Phase Angles Transformer Construction and Operation Induced Voltage Determination


  • Principles of Operation
  • Generator Construction
  • Operating a Generator
  • Effect on Operations with Load Changes Speed and Frequency Determination


  • Principles of Operation
  • AC Induction Motor Construction
  • DC Motor Construction
  • Methods of AC to DC Conversion
  • Power Requirements