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Method of Procedure Writing Training Method of Procedure Writing Training

Method of procedure writing training course length is customizable based on your needs.

Our method of procedure writing training course aims to improve the ability to read, understand and develop Technical Procedures since it is an indispensable skill for people working in critical environments. A well written procedure greatly assists in the execution of a project by organizing the efforts in a step by step as necessary execution and reduces the likelihood of unexpected problem during the execution of a project. This course breaks procedures down into their component parts and analyzes the goals of each section to improve the ability of personal to both use and develop technical procedures. Additionally, students will reinforce the concepts covered through interactive class exercises. The procedure writing training has the ability to be customized to use the standards and formats of a particular facility or industry.


  • Purpose
  • Presentation Methods
  • Course Goals


  • Purpose of Written Procedures
  • Factors Affecting Procedural Detail
  • General Procedural Template


  • Title and Scope Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Initial Conditions
  • Precautions
  • Sequential Steps
  • Critical Points
  • Completion and Check-Offs
  • Review and Approval Attachments


  • Clarity and Conciseness
  • Understanding the End-User
  • Use of Jargon
  • Use of Phases and Tasks
  • Contingency Planning
  • Using Experts
  • Incorporating Pre-existing Procedures
  • Walk-throughs and Revisions


  • Review and Critique Procedures
  • Perform a Risk Assessment
  • Develop a Sequential Procedure
  • Develop a Contingent Procedure