Electrical Safety Qualification Course

The course starts with technical aspects of operating different components such as motors, UPS, controls, etc. An exam is given to assess students’ grasp of the information, followed by individual safety assessments. Each student will attempt to complete a troubleshooting problem while supervised. Points are given for successful planning, technical execution, and safety practices. Passing is achieved by meeting all safety criteria; diagnosing the problem is not essential to course completion. Students who do not pass remain actively employed but are prohibited from performing live work until they have successfully retested.

Comprehensive Facility Safety Assessment

Our comprehensive facility safety assessment will focus on the loss prevention policies, employee/vendor work practices, and the physical state of the facility. The safety audit includes a complete walkthrough of electrical & mechanical areas within facilities as well as review of safety procedures and associated documentation. This will allow us to provide an overall assessment of the client’s safety and loss prevention program. Recommendations will be based on regulatory requirements, consensus standards, internal company policies, manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices.

Lockout-Tagout & Electrical Safety Procedures Assessment

Inherent dangers exist with generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. The proper use of safety equipment, knowledge of electrical hazards, and knowledge of how to respond in the event of an electrical disaster are absolutely essential for all electrical personnel. This lockout-tagout procedural safety assessment will ensure the client is using the information needed to comply with the latest OSHA standards and company specific requirements in lockout-tagout.

Maintenance Assessment

Our onsite maintenance safety assessment will allow clients to ensure employees and contractors alike are implementing proper safety procedures during maintenance activities. LP Management Services will conduct a site audit by observing work practices during an actual maintenance event and make recommendations based on findings. This will help ensure all onsite work is completed according to regulation, company policy and industry best practices. LP Management Services will have pre-planning discussions with supervisors and review Method of Procedures (MOP) and LOTO or isolation strategies.