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Motor and Motor Control Operation & Troubleshooting

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Motor control training course length is customizable based on your needs.

Motor control training is important since automated motor control systems play a big role in the production and efficiency of industrial operation. Their correct installation, operation and maintenance can save thousands of dollars. However, a motor control system adjusted or functioning incorrectly can cost just as much. Faulty motor control equipment can even cause damage to systems and equipment not directly connected to the motor circuit. The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of motor control systems including in-depth motor control troubleshooting techniques utilizing controller simulator software. The instructor will utilize lectures, visual aids, case history examinations, and student hands-on performance to provide the greatest possible exposure to medium voltage motor control. Anyone who works on or near power generation, transmission, or distribution systems would benefit from motor control training. Additionally, supervisors, managers, safety personnel, and those responsible for ensuring a safe work environment should attend this course.


  • Purpose
  • Presentation Methods
  • Course Goals


  • History of Electrical Blueprints
  • Computer Aided Drawing and Design
  • Maps
  • Purpose of Electrical Diagrams
  • Blueprint Page Layout


  • Switches
  • Symbols
  • Abbreviations
  • Device Numbers


  • Views
  • Physical Diagram
  • Schematics
  • Construction Wiring Diagram
  • Site Plans (Plan View)
  • Block Diagrams
  • One-Line Diagrams
  • Three-Line Diagrams
  • Interconnect Wiring Diagrams
  • PLC Diagrams (Ladder Logic)
  • Diagram Scales


  • Basic Controls
  • Simple Start / Stop Circuit
  • Dual Control Circuit
  • Time Delayed Operation
  • Complete Control Circuits