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Fuel Oil Systems

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Training course length is customizable based on your needs.

Diesel generators are an integral part of supplying power to a critical facility during times when normal power sources are not available. The fuel oil system ensures that the generators have a continuous supply of fuel at all times. The correct operation and maintenance of the fuel oil supply system is an important factor in minimizing the potential for impact to the critical load.

This course is designed to give the participants the opportunity to learn about the layout and function of components that are integral parts of a critical facilities’ fuel system. The lecture based course includes visual aids and handouts to optimize the learning experience.

At the completion of the course the attendee will be able to better understand the components and operation of the fuel oil delivery system. The attendee should be able to perform basic troubleshooting and assist vendors in advanced troubleshooting and maintenance.

This training is appropriate for all levels of operations staff and technical supervisors. The participants should have a basic knowledge of facility equipment through operations or training. An electrical background is not required.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop and understanding of Fuel Oil Safety and Fuel Oil Clean up practices
  • Identify and describe the function of system components
  • Describe automatic functions and sequences
  • Describe manual functions and sequences