Maintenance Assessment

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Our Maintenance Assessment provides onsite monitoring of employees and contractors during actual work activities.

Our onsite maintenance assessment will allow clients to ensure employees and contractors alike are implementing proper safety procedures during maintenance activities. LP Management Services will observe work practices during an actual maintenance event and make recommendations based on findings. This will help ensure all onsite work is completed according to regulation, company policy and industry best practices.

Prior to the maintenance, we will organize discussions with supervision or participate in planned teleconferences to aid in safety pre-planning. We will also review associated Method of Procedure (MOP) or maintenance script to ensure important safety items are planned into the work activity. LOTO or isolation strategies will be reviewed along with critical switching protocol, energized work procedures, tool inventories and more.

A comprehensive report will be provided to the client that will outline all observations, deficiencies and recommendations. Following the maintenance assessment, our consultants will work with designated personnel to address any identified issues and ensure that all observed safety concerns are rectified.