The Importance of Troubleshooting for Safe Motor Control Operations

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Motor failure can cause severe problems; having a comprehensive plan for approaching the problem in a safe manner is imperative. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires under its safety required work practices that employers shall ensure electrical equipment is free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees. Given that it is not probable for any one solution to apply to all motor control systems within industrial operations, a comprehensive approach to problem solving must be adhered to. Systems, situations, and facilities are not identical; there are no cookie cutter fixes. Having as much background information as possible combined with proper safety training in how to inspect, safely troubleshoot, and diagnose a problem is crucial when operating motors within manufacturing and critical/mixed use facilities.

An engineer who is trained in safety operations understands the importance of proper inspection, lockout/tagout procedures, and troubleshooting. In data centers, site-specific lockout procedures are required to be in place. It is imperative that site-specific procedures include verification that energy sources are in a zero energy state. In the case of electrical energy, verification has to comply with requirements of NFPA 70 E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Work Place. Knowing how to carefully perform tests, having acute observation of sight and smell, and asking the right questions will help ensure safety of employees. Thorough troubleshooting can help uncover and identify faults, determine a need for repairs or replacement parts, cut costs, reduce down time, and ultimately promote safety.

When repairing motors and motor control circuits, troubleshooting using methods such as multimeter usage, schematic reading, or component testing can be important. Listen for unusual noises, smell of burning, or sensing heat. It would be hazardous, and could result in increased costs, to approach a problem without consideration of the range of potential causes and solutions.

It is critical to evaluate system components, perform diagram analysis, and inspect equipment. Facility operations should have safety checklists, operating procedures, and troubleshooting guidelines in place. Work that is completed should be tested and verified on a regular basis to ensure safe, repeated operations. Safety training is an ongoing process, facilities that optimize employee knowledge, problem solving capabilities and troubleshooting skills will reduce risks when operating motors and motor control circuits. The top levels of best practicing organizations know and emphasize the importance of this throughout their facilities.

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