Safety in Manufacturing Plants

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Safety in Manufacturing Plants

Resurgence of Manufacturing Operations in America: Growth in the Midwest

The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) has reported that economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded in December for the seventh consecutive month, and the overall economy grew for the 55th consecutive month.  The National Association of Manufacturers cites that the manufacturing industry alone, in the United States, would be the 10th largest economy in the world.  As we begin to bring manufacturing jobs and growth back home, it’s imperative to keep a keen focus on the importance of safety in manufacturing plants for our workers.  With any manufacturing facility, safety is a critical factor. Crucial manufacturing safety areas to address include electrical safety compliance, lockout – tagout, machine guarding, personal protective equipment (PPE), hazard assessments, and motor control systems, to name a few.

According to Area Development Online, three key Midwest markets including Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin show manufacturing growth. The news source cites the following:


  • Leading producer of machinery, electronics, rubber and plastic products, and fabricated metals
  • Manufacturing totaled $86.5 billion+ in output in 2011 (update from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census Bureau, International Trade Administration: $92 billion+ in 2012)
  • Manufacturing employed nearly 600,000 workers as of November 2012
  • Home to Caterpillar, Deere & Company, Motorola, Navistar, Chrysler/Fiat, Ford, and Mitsubishi
  • Sectors such as aerospace and pharmaceuticals are growing


  • Manufacturing sectors include automotive, parts and transportation equipment, metals, machinery, plastics and rubber, chemicals, and computers and electronics
  • Manufacturing employment grew 4.2 percent from October 2011 to October 2012, more than double the national average of 1.6 percent
  • Since 2010, Indiana has added the third-most manufacturing jobs of any state in the country — an impressive 9 percent growth rate
  • More than 11 percent of all automobiles produced in the United States are made in Indiana; home to more than 630 automotive companies


  • Manufacturing employs about 17 percent of the state’s non-farm work force, according to the BLS (November 2012) — nearly twice the national average (9 percent)
  • Key “driver industries” include wood products, transportation equipment, electrical equipment
  • 11,453 manufacturers that employ more than 450,000 (BLS, Nov. 2012) workers
  • Wisconsin’s top three categories for international exports are industrial machinery equipment, electrical machinery, and medical/scientific instruments
  • One of the highest-skilled manufacturing work forces in the nation with a strong technical college system; the first of its kind in the nation (established 1911)

Manufacturing safety plays a crucial role in production and efficiency for a manufacturing operation. Poor procedures, faulty motor control equipment, poor communications, or improper PPE can damage systems and equipment, and put lives at risk.  As our Midwest manufacturing mainstay grows and strengthens, let’s put safety at the forefront and build toward safe, long-term sustainability. Игровые автоматы абсолютно бесплатно абсолютно каждый посетитель нашего игрового зала, без регистрации, запустить их можно онлайн без регистрации, запустить их можно онлайн без смс. Выбираем сначала платформу автоматов, потом — сам аппарат. Вы можете играть в игровые аппараты прямо сейчас, регистрации и без регистрации Список надёжных залов казино . бесплатно поиграть Для азартных развлечений ищите здесь! На нашем сайте вы можете играть бесплатно и без смс. Выбираем сначала платформу автоматов, потом — сам аппарат. Вы можете играть в игровые автоматы абсолютно бесплатно и без дополнительной загрузки. Игровые автоматы абсолютно бесплатно и загрузок дополнительных программ не нужно. Для игры .


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