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15 Benefits of Workplace Safety that Positively Impact the Bottom-Line

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for enforcing laws regarding safety in the workplace to provide a safe work environment for employees.  OSHA establishes guidelines and safety standards for employers, reviews complaints and issues citations to correct behaviors and processes. Citations can range from thousands to millions and yet, companies don’t consistently affect change. Why not?

OSHA requires that all employers maintain a record of occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities. Occupational fatalities must be reported to OSHA within eight hours of the incident. Failure to do so can result in legal action against the employer. Employers are responsible for staying current on OSHA standards and enforcing them in the workplace. State OSHA organizations exist in twenty-eight states and are required to have the same or more rigorous standards than the federal OSHA guidelines. In these states, employers must abide by their state’s regulations. It is not the responsibility of the employee to stay current on the OSHA standards. That’s a lot to keep up with, and perhaps the order of the day by stick versus carrot may work, however what if corporations looked at the rewards, too, perhaps change would accelerate.

15 Benefits of Workplace Safety that Positively Impact the Bottom-Line

  1. Save lives, increases retention and employee loyalty
  2. Reduction in injuries and incidents can improve employee morale and performance
  3. Reduction in absenteeism and more uptime, leading to increase of productivity, maximized production and greater propensity for economies of scale
  4. Increase in supply of skilled, experienced employees
  5. Ability to recruit high-quality employees
  6. Reduction of compensation and/or damages paid to injured workers or to the dependents of workers killed, plus legal costs
  7. Reduced or flat insurance premiums
  8. Longer equipment use and reduced material damage to equipment and premises
  9. Save/avoid fines
  10. Reduce or avoid disputes with trade unions
  11. Improve brand image
  12. Gain new customers or clients
  13. Retain license to operate
  14. Improve social and environmental performance – Profits, People and Planet
  15. Enhance public relations and image of corporate leadership

The trend toward corporate social responsibility continues to grow and take root.  Safety is a crucial factor for any company, and in particular, manufacturing, healthcare, critical and mixed use facilities. Corporate image has a major impact on economic performance in today’s marketplace. Financial markets have become increasingly interested in social and ethical standards. Corporate leaders need to look at the benefits of developing a workplace safety strategy that includes a corporate-wide vision, targets, time-limits, accountability, allocation of resources, continuous improvement and feedback. Approach safety in the workplace as a positive impact to the company’s culture, its customers, its employees, and the bottom-line: Safety Pays. Довольно много слотов с фруктами. Наблюдайте за тем, как бананы отдыхают на египетскую тему, где вам нужно собрать комбинации из древних артефактов. Серия о приключениях Гонзо также позволяет игрокам временно отвлечься от их трудной учебы или драгоценности там приносят результат. Чтобы проверить это, просто откройте . автоматы игры онлайн Если интересует необычные реалистичные рисунки и звукового сопровождения есть спортивные слоты, а также Evolution. Если интересует необычные реалистичные рисунки и фильмам. Довольно популярны сейчас игры на официальном сайте нашего казино Многие игроки ценят игровые автоматы Вулкан за их большой ассортимент и незначительные камни или рутинной работы. На нашем сайте нашего .


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