Procedure Writing

Graphical Lockout-Tagout Procedure Development

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Lockout-Tagout Procedure Development Lockout-Tagout Procedure Development

Graphical Lockout Tagout Procedures are the Cornerstone of a Fully OSHA Compliant LOTO Program

Graphical LOTO Procedure Example

Graphical lockout-tagout procedures will enable an employee to safely and quickly lockout a piece of equipment with multiple energy sources. The LOTO procedure will be developed, printed and laminated to include the isolation points and hazardous energies present…hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, gravitational, thermal, chemical or any other energy source. All procedures will include photos that include instructions and identification of lockout points.  Copies of all procedures will also be provided in electronic format. 

  • Visually instructive, machine specific procedures, that meet or exceed OSHA requirements as defined in regulation CFR 1910.147.
  • Identification of potential hazardous energy sources and ensures that all energy isolation points are documented within the specific procedures.
  • Installation of  lockout-tagout procedure positioned at optimal locations to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility.
  • Easy maintenance of the lockout program ensured with delivery of electronic editable files, lockout template, and a binder containing additional copies of the procedures.