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Liebert CRAC Unit Training

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Liebert CRAC Unit Course Liebert CRAC Unit Course

Liebert CRAC unit training course length is customizable based on your needs.

This training course focuses on the Liebert CRAC unit and aims for employees to dependably operate and maintain computer room air conditioner [CRAC] units requires some key resources. The key resources necessary to experience success are skilled and knowledgeable personnel. Without the knowledge of these concepts the dependable operation of the Liebert CRAC unit is at risk. This CRAC operation and troubleshooting program will provide the student with the information required to ensure proper maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. The site’s technology and equipment are incorporated into this hands on interactive workshop. Course includes a hands-on lab with control simulators.

Large Systems Identification

  • Identify the large environmental products and model number definition breakdown

Installation/Start-Up/Maintenance Schedules

  • Review and discuss installation and start- up guidelines and general maintenance schedules
  • Procedures for the various Liebert environmental products

Microprocessor Theory/Basic Electronics

  • Discuss basic microprocessor concept and operational theory
  • Discuss basic electronic components as they relate to Liebert microprocessor controlled equipment

Deluxe System 3 and Challenger 3000 units with AM Controls (1994 - 2006)

  • Discuss Liebert control product line with hardware and programming
  • Hands-on lab exercises with control simulators
  • Control sequence of operation will be covered

AM Wiring Diagrams

  • Discuss and trace circuit layout with sequence of systems operation
  • AM Hardware and Control Operation
  • AM Programming and Wiring Lab
  • AM Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Lab