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Data Center Computer Room Cooling Best Practices

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Computer Room Cooling Training Computer Room Cooling Training

Computer room cooling training course length is customizable based on your needs.

Our data center computer room cooling course is crucial for having a broad and high level understanding of current Data Center HVAC Best Practices and how they apply to the specific site and mission goals increase reliability and improve energy efficiency. This class focuses on data center energy efficiency and presents a detailed discussion on computer room environmental requirements, air flow optimization, complementary IT solutions to computer room thermal problems and central chiller plant operational considerations. This class presents the current ASHRAE environmental guidelines and associated HVAC recommendations, air flow practices that improve conditions for IT equipment and reduce overall HVAC energy consumption, discusses important new IT load management strategies and their relationship and influence facilities power and cooling, and finishes with some discussions on operating strategies employed in the central chiller plant.

Computer Room Cooling Environmental Requirements

  • ASHRAE and TC9.9
  • 2008 ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines
  • ASHRAE Recommended Guidelines and Protocols
  • ASHRAE Thermal Report
  • Humidity Concerns, Requirements and Controls
  • Thermal Transients and “Coupling”
  • Heat Transfer Paths – IT to Ambient Ventilation & Room Pressurization
  • Localized High-Density Cooling Solutions

Air Flow Optimization

  • Hot / Cold Air Stream Separation
  • Perforated Tiles, Static Pressure vs. Flow
  • Air Flow Concerns
  • Load Density “Rules of Thumb”
  • Variable Volume Systems
  • Ducted Overhead Systems
  • Air Handling Units vs. Computer Room Air Handlers

IT Solutions to Computer Room Thermal Problems

  • IT Hardware Power and Heat Generation Trends
  • Server Utilization vs. Power Consumption
  • Thermal Runaway
  • ASHRAE Environmental Guidelines
  • Load Density vs. Speed of Transient
  • IT Equipment Thermal Limits
  • Infrastructure Recovery Sequence of Events
  • Thermal Transients
  • Complementary IT Solutions
  • Power-Down Computer Hardware Trends

Chiller Plant Operational Considerations

  • Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled Chillers
  • Thermal Storage Capabilities
  • Uninterruptable Cooling Solutions
  • Plant Optimization
  • Economizers Usage